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Mot & Co is an animation resource for Producers, Creatives and the talented gentle folks who work in the animation industry. It is designed to inspire and connect individuals and studios to the animation work they’re most passionate about and uniquely best suited to create. Mot & Co does not represent the individuals or companies featured on this site in any way, we just happen to like them.


This cozy coterie of reccos and inspiration is curated by Mot, an advertising industry professional and animation junkie with a knack for professional matchmaking. Mot is often referred to as “the Animation Whisperer,” as far as the distant hallways of the office one flight down, that shares a supporting wall with the offices of Mot&Co.


Mot&Co can refer you to appropriate talent for your consideration, provide guidance or information as an animation project commences and evolves, or fully produce your project – whether it be massive or miniscule.



This website embeds videos freely available on the internet. If a video can be embedded the assumption is that the uploader is happy for it to be so. It is sometimes difficult to ascertain whether the uploader is the copyright owner but sites such as YouTube allow copyright owners to have their videos removed. If you are the copyright owner of a video on this site (and are sure that another member of your team did not upload the video) kindly email me and I will remove it if that is your preference.

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If you’re interested in working with the people or companies featured here,

If you’d like some suggestions for your animation soulmate (or one night stand),

If you have animation questions in general, or if you’re going through a rough time and just want to chat,


Talk to Mot. We’re gentle people.


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