Bendito Machine

Im often as interested in who is making things and why as what they’re making. WHAT this is, Bendito machine is an animated series of short episodes, created by Jossie Malis, Pau Martinez, Nacho Rodriguez, and produced by Zumbakamera. The series “tells the story of simple-minded organisms and their relationship with machines, and explores the catastrophic evolution of gentle creatures and their bond with technology. Stylistically its meant to harken back to the silhouetted look of magic lanterns and shadow theater.

WHO is Zumbakamera (Zoom-Back-Camera) a creative/animation studio sending signals to the world from the island of Mallorca, Spain. The studio is the brainchild of Jossie Malis , designer, animator, filmmaker and screenwriter of Peruvian / Chilean origin and Julie Reier , music composer and sound designer with Nepalese and German roots. Since 2006, we are dedicated to the creation of short films, animated series such as the award-winning Bendito Machine , video clips, commercials, documentary content, art direction, graphic design, music composing and sound design. Our short films have been selected in hundred of festivals around the world, receiving a long list of accolades. In addition to our studio, in 2017 we founded Flipboku , a publishing house specialized in mind-blowing interactive flip books.

And WHY I have no idea other than clearly these folks are incredibly cool and have a ton of vision and talent to express their philosophies.

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