There’s nothing I’ve seen in the gaming world like Cuphead.

Inspired by 1930s cartoons, the game’s visuals are hand drawn and inked on paper, all of the backgrounds are watercolor paintings or physical models, and the music is all original jazz recordings. One of the only time saving modernizations was that the frames once scanned were digitally colored, and this decision was made when they actually did a test to see how noticeable the difference was between hand painting and digitally painting and found it to be minimal. Studio MDHR created this masterpiece , though the studio’s principles, Designer and Art Director brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer had never made a game before. They believed however so much in the project, they quit their (day) jobs to focus on it, and ultimately as the scope of the game grew and grew they took out loans using their own homes as collateral to fund the dream. Talk about SKIN IN THE GAME!  This 20 minute Behind the Scenes reinforces what an incredible feat this game is, well worth how strikingly difficult it is to play!

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