Fantaisie in Bubblewrap

I saw this first at a screening or festival, I vowed never to forget it I thought it was hysterical. “Attainable” in a way. There are films that I watch that seem so simple and then I see the pages and pages of credits and I feel like they’ve suddenly become something I could never achieve. But like Marcel the Shell with Shoes what drew me to this was the smart dialogue, the fun characters, the simplicity of a great idea, and what felt like wonderfully appropriate, yet minimal production needs in terms of space, equipment, specialty support like set dressing and props.. etc. The film’s Director/Writer/Animator (and voices) Arthur Metcalf has gone on from this, one of his earliest films, to a career as an independent Director and Animator but as his technique has evolved, his work seems to have gotten even darker than the apocalyptic end facing a bubblewrap society. I prefer his more sophomoric works like Fantaisie and I’m hoping he’ll find another adorbs society for us to empathize with, as they’re destroyed.

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