Granny O’Grimm

I cant say before I saw this short I really understood there was something particular about “Irish humor” but if this defines it, I want to watch something Irish every single day.

Granny O’Grimm’s is an Oscar nominated 6:00 animated short and is a very unique retelling of Sleeping Beauty. The hero CG characters are wonderful, the 2d Sleeping Beauty world even better, but it’s the films writer who voices Granny, Kathleen O’Rourke, who makes this what it is with her hysterical performance. Granny O’Grimm started life as a character in a sketch in The Fallen Angels Cabaret, a comedy show in which O’Rourke was involved. Director Nicky Phelan saw Granny O’Grimm’s potential as an animated character and, with Brown Bag Films, production began in 2008. Brown Bag Films is an amazing Dublin-based production company and they’re no stranger to Oscar nods, having also produced Give up Aul Yer Sins which was also nominated, in 2001.

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