How I Met The Walrus

This is one of the more famous “audio first” animation shorts, and this has quite a fascinating story behind a story as well. If you’ve ever been mildly obsessed with any figures in culture (ask anyone who knows me, they will tell you who mine is) you can probably relate to how life changing it might be to somehow, absurdly be able to meet them, or better yet interview them. In 1969 fourteen-year-old Jerry Levitan is the worlds biggest Beatles fan and he somehow sneaks in John Lennon’s hotel room where instead of being thrown out, inexplicably he was invited to spend the day with his idol. Lennon agrees to sit down for a 45 minute interview and many years later that recorded candid discussion earned Levitan, Toronto-based Director Josh Raskin, animator Alex Kurina and illustrator James Braithwaite an Oscar nod.

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