Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

In 2005, Producer Joel Silver approached a young self taught designer named Danny Yount (now quite famous for his opening sequences for Sherlock Holmes , Blade Runner, Iron Man, Tron, and Six Feet Under) to do a short title sequence, referencing some old detective novels that would be a key component to the film’s story . The 1960’s look of the novels inspired Yount to emulate a Saul-bass style, popular to that era, and worked ultimately with Jon Ottoman’s score. Danny Yount “likes stills” (even though he acknowledges he’s in the motion picture” business” why? “the main reason is I think that you have to communicate an idea as quickly as possible, so you really need an iconic image .. whatever it is you should always approach title design as “the image is an icon” I think advertising does it really well, and the way that we process things, we really need that.”

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