La Maison en Petits Cubes

Often i find an animated short has a great look, but a poor story. Or a great story but an unimaginative look, or sometimes a good story and a good look but its missing on sound design and music or its pacing is just a little too artsy or abstract to grasp its simple, wonderful essence . This film, has everything. I fell in love with the visual poetry of this film upon first viewing. Its 12:00 long and I’ve watched it again and again, I love the devices of the stories (ie: levels) of the home, as a parallel to the stories of his life, and of diving back into deep memories. I love that it is so simple, and literal.. and I love .. that its ultimately a story about how love endures. When this won an Oscar for best animated short, I loved Director Kunio Kato’s brave, and very tidy acceptance speech. And I love that every time I watch this, I feel peaceful, accepting, and absolutely charmed by life.

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