If you haven’t seen the 12 minute stop motion / 3d animated short Mémorable, I suggest it is well worth your while. This is a film that deals with dementia and Altzheimer’s disease from the perspective of the afflicted person, in this case the film’s hero, a painter. It was written and Directed by Bruno Collet who was inspired to create the film when he saw the paintings of William Utermohlen, an American painter who kept working throughout his Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis. “I was really interested in the fact that, for the first time, [with] the painter, we got a glimpse of a real person who was suffering from the disease—not from a person outside,” Collet explains. “It’s very touching, because if you look at his paintings, you can really see the evolution of the disease from beginning to end.”

Memorable was nominated for an Oscar in 2020. All in all, Memorable took nine months to make—three for the creation of puppets and backgrounds, three for the shoot, and three for post-production.

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