Western Spaghetti


True story. One day I was asked to do a call for some commercial content with a relatively unknown stop motion director who went simply by “Pes” , someone my Creative Director had discovered via a viral film called “Dogs of War.” And we’re on the call, and I’m looking at the credits in the other short films he had done and realizing I recognized a lot of the names… I also realized the voice of this director seems a little familiar… and i’m like… “is this… (blankity blank blank real name?)” and he’s like … “is this blankity blank blank real name?” And im like “yes!” and he’s like “yes!” and I realize he was one in the same, (blankity blank blank real name) who had left as my officemate some years before to disappear from the comfy ad industry entirely and pursue his dreams as a director! And we may or may not have gone out once, to the circus.

His work has been Emmy and Oscar nominated and is in a word: magical. His mastery of the technique is like none other we’ve seen in this era, but more than anything you will find yourself asking “how does he come UP with that???” It’s creative, charming and stands alone. I remember I approached him once as a friend, to help me with my own stop motion film and he either diplomatically was declining or was simply being a tremendous mentor, “use magicians wire, do not start out by shooting things vertically, and do this yourself, don’t look for someone else to rely on. No one will care about it more or put more into it than you will.”

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