Spirited Away

Spirited Away is an animated feature film by Japanese Director Hayao Miyazaki and chronicles the coming of age of 10 year old Chihiro, who loses her way in an abandoned amusement park and stumbles upon a doorway to the supernatural realm. She spends the films duration trying to rescue her parents, recall her own name, and return home without being turned into a pig and eaten. This is a magical, handdrawn frame by frame masterpiece, with new details you find in every repeat viewing. (I mean that, I’ve watched this probably a dozen times, and always see something new that makes me love Miyaziki’s choices all the more.) It’s a film that touches every age of viewer, which is interesting because Miyazaki says he “made the film specifically for 10-year-old girls. That is why it plays so powerfully for adult viewers. Movies made for “everybody” are actually made for nobody in particular.” There’s a richness visually and emotionally you notice as you watch and are taken into worlds of fantasty, and through fears, friendships, and devotions to arrive at the things that really matter.

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