Tintin (official)

This is the opening title sequence for Steven Spielberg’s 3d motion capture feature “The Adventures of Tintin,” released in 2011. Spielberg and Herg√© – the writer/creator of the original Tintin comic series – were admirers of each other’s work, and Spielberg¬† acquired the film rights to The Adventures of Tintin following the author’s death in 1983. Peter Jackson and his company Weta Digital were enlisted to create the unique animation and look of the film (which i prefer to a few other mainstream motion capture efforts, I have Avatar and Polar Express in mind) and it became Paramounts highest grossing animated feature at 373 million. Interestingly the opening title sequence does not employ the film’s signature animation style but harkens back to a more simple, icon/silhouetted 2d look closer in tone to another Spielberg opening title sequence, “Catch Me if You Can.”

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