One of my favorite .. genres? i don’t even know if its considered a genre or just “an awesome approach that someone can decide to take” is using a real story or interview, with a real person telling it, and animating whatever comes to mind under the story, accentuating stream of consciousness, or subcontext, or a course events, or feelings. I’ve seem this called “audio first” animation or filmmaking. Jonas Odell, the Swedish award-winning music video and film director and co-founder of Filmteknarna is a master of using a blend of live action and animation to create this type of unique short documentary. This film tells the story of “A,” the girlfriend of West German terrorist Norbert Kröcher who was plotting to kidnap politician Anna-Greta Leijon. This short didn’t garner the same fame as one of his earlier animated docs “Never Like the First Time!” but the live action component feels less experimental, the scenes more  thoughtful, and a stronger design component makes the entire film feel more considered.

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