Giant Ant

Giant Ant is one of the best young companies doing (mostly) 2d and (some) 3d animation in the world right now. They’re a testament that probably the biggest part of any success story in this field comes from the vision, personality and drive of a company’s chief creatives, in this case the wise and talented Jay Grandin & Leah Nelson. Their design is balanced and layered, the motion in their content is so fluid, there are details and subtleties and just great instincts that make the work better looking. Sometimes its hard to figure out what makes their work stand out, and frankly i think its the observational and “listening” driven nature behind it… and i love their own summary of themselves:

For 12 years, we’ve worked hard to cultivate the very best talent in the industry and, together, craft meaningful and creative work.

We know that people don’t remember what you tell them, but how you make them feel. We know that everything we put in the world is a statement of our taste. We know that love is always the secret ingredient.

But don’t measure us by our words. Measure us by our work.

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