Golden Wolf

This is a relatively young (founded 2013) animation studio based in London, with a presence via Blacklist/Psyop in NY. The small, close knit crew of 25ish embraces work and play together as an important part of their culture, and their work indeed reflects a bit of fun, youthful irreverence and just general badassedness in mostly the 2d world. 

Their content often has a cel / fluid / comic style or cutout component and they work in the TV commercial space, and within shows, music videos, social and events. Golden Wolf is helmed by its talented CoFounder and Creative Director Ingi Erlingsson. He’s curated a team of some seriously amazing animators and nurtured a space where people clearly come to do their best work. I’m a big fan of this place, and judging by their camaraderie with heavy-hitter Blacklist in the states, im not the only one.

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