Ben Radatz

Ben is one of the masterminds behind MK12, he’s a photographer and visual jack of many trades who concentrates on top-level creative direction, type consultation, research, documentary and short form content. Ill post a blurb from his bio below but in my experience , Ben is simply badass and his design sensibilities seem to elevate anything he touches.

BEN RADATZ is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker, designer, photographer and writer with an interest in experimental animation, new technologies, visual research and nostalgic influence. He is also a founding member and seventeen-year partner at MK12 Studios, a design & animation collective headquartered in Kansas City with acclaim in the film, TV, game and advertising industries, and on the international film festival circuit. 

His primary areas of interest include title sequence / vignette / UI | UX design for film and TV, game promotion & cinematics, short film development, and network stunts / branding / promotion.


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