Signa Baume

There is something terribly honest in the raunchiness of Signa Baume’s videos. True there are tongues and penises and tits a flyin’ in most of her work but look outside man! Those things are everywhere!! She began in traditional animation and is dedicated to the sometimes torturous life of a true artist, sharing her personal experiences and baring her own vulnerabilities in much of her work. I love her fearlessness, and her films.

Her Artist statement:

”┬áThe thing that interests me as an artist, one of the things, is the interaction of the inwardly personal with the outwardly social. We all have deeply personal experiences that we don’t discuss, but we feel them, and when we externalize them, they become stories, and most likely they become really removed from the original inner experience. I want to bridge the gap between the internal and external, I want to communicate what it really feels like to be alive and go to a dentist, or have sex, or be depressed.

And yes, I do often address difficult, uncomfortable subjects in my films because I believe in confronting the things that bother me head-on”

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