Vanessa Appleby

I remember early iterations of the work on Vanessa’s website, character driven adorable cel animations, with tons of feminine quirkiness and charm. Now she’s evolved her portfolio to include so much more design driven work, detailed, balanced and fluid. She’s insanely fast and thorough, and someone I’d rely on to balance her artistry, with the realities of deadlines and deliverables. I’ve loved watching her reels grow as she does.

I’ve been working as a motion designer, 2D animator, editor, compositor, illustrator, and designer for over 10 years in the NYC area. That’s a lot, I know. I wear many hats. Despite dabbling in every aspect of filmmaking, my specialty is motion design. After Effects is my BFF. I enjoy all facets of creating videos, from pitching to polishing. I’m a full service studio on my own, but I love working on larger scale projects with a team.


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